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CE marking of steel constructions: DS/EN 1090-1

The labelling is a European guarantee that the requirements for safety, health and environment are kept when we produce steel parts and constructions for Danish and European buildings. The certification requires backwards traceability in the value chain, inspection certificates and documentation, measurements and test results. That is the reason we have certified welders and inspection staff with certificates to perform these tasks.

Quality Management - ISO 9001:2015

With targeted recruitment and employee development, we aim to attract and retain dedicated employees who have the will and ability to guarantee a high level of quality in their work. Our quality management system is built according to DS/EN ISO 9001:2015 and requires, among others, reliability of delivery, cooperation and exchange of knowledge. For example, we work systematically on collecting and benefiting from our experiences. By thoroughly planning new projects and continuously analysing data, we can foresee and prevent potential quality failures, so we can produce and deliver solutions to the satisfaction of our customers.

Environmental management systems - ISO 14001:2015

Aa a manufacturing company, we play a significant role in improving the environment. That is the reason we take an active stand on the environmental problems in the industry and meet the future environmental requirements through continuous improvements. We monitor and account for the environmental aspects which are connected to all our activities, and our employees are given the needed information and trained in environmental matters with the aim of continuously improving the environment. Information about our environmental impact and environemntal work are publicly available, and we are very open to any desires and requirements from public authorities, business partners and customers.

Renewable Energy

We have a goal of making our operations as environmentally friendly as possible. That is why our annual electricity consumption is now covered by wind power certificates. The certificates document that we financed a production of wind power that corresponds to our own electricity consumption, and that this wind power has been sent out to the grid. When choosing certificates from wind power, we also contribute to increasing global renewable energy production. With this RECS certificate, we feel that there is an opportunity to put action behind the words.

SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit)

In 2022 we have been audited and approved in SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) SMETA is one of the most widely used social audit procedures in the world. It provides a globally-recognised way to assess responsible supply chain activities, including labour rights, health & safety, the environment and business ethics.

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