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Metal sheet processing adds the last details

A natural last step for many pieces is metal sheet processing or flange pressing. When a part leaves the laser cutter, it needs to be bent and machined to its final form, which is exactly what we do in the metal sheet processing. This is where we create the product’s final shape and make sure that it is finished according to your specifications.

Flange pressing or flange folding is a method to bend metal sheets, and with our equipment we can help you with even the most complex and advanced pieces. We can process steel and aluminium pieces, and we always make sure that the finished products meet the specifications.

In the metal sheet processing, we make the final part modifications, e.g. winding of holes for countersinks or thread-cutting. This is where the last details are added, so you get precisely the product you want.


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We have more than 50 years of experience and in combination with our highly qualified staff and optimised production, we are an efficient and competitive business partner.

No task is too small or too large – we can deliver smart solutions no matter the scale of it, and we can contribute with advice and guidance before your project takes off.

You will find a selection of our previous work, by navigating to our references.

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